Delhi painter gets hands back as selflessness meets the miracles of science, changing lives ‘two’ gifts at a time

This is a beautiful story of three humane triumphs: the woman’s life changing organ donation pledge, the revival of a painter’s dreams after a crushing setback, and the surgical excellence of the team of doctors that pulled off this miracle. The 45-year-old, whose case is the first successful bilateral hand transplant in Delhi had lost both his hands in a train accident in 2020.

Coming from an underprivileged background, he had no hope to hold his brush again, but thanks to the surgical excellence of a group of Delhi doctors in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and a woman’s organ donation pledge who was declared brain-dead, he can once again fill the canvas of life with vivid strokes of colours; a born-again sense of liveliness.

Your organ donation pledge can save the lives of many and the painter isn’t the only one: her kidney, liver and corneas have transformed the lives of three others. For more information about organ donation in Nepal you may visit

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