National Cardiac Centre: Extending a Lifeline to Rural Hearts

Dhamaura (Mahottari) -In a heartwarming tale from Mahottari district, a 45-year-old man found himself at a crossroads with central chest pain on minimal activities, a potentially ominous sign of underlying heart issues.

The National Cardiac Centre’s free heart camp became a hope, where he underwent thorough evaluations, including a General examination, ECG, and Echocardiogram, all at no cost. The diagnosis revealed coronary artery disease, commonly known as heart blockage, a condition demanding long-term, costly medication.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the financial constraints faced by the gentleman, the compassionate doctors at the camp not only provided him with free medicines for six months but also offered valuable advice for ongoing care.

This poignant instance highlights the pivotal role such health camps play in addressing heart diseases, particularly in regions where financial constraints compound the challenges of healthcare accessibility.

Heart disease, a leading global and national cause of mortality, disproportionately affects the economically disadvantaged. Nepal, grappling with difficult geography, a fragile health infrastructure, and widespread poverty, faces an intensified battle against this formidable adversary.

The significance of offering free heart health services in rural areas cannot be overstated. Beyond saving lives, the early diagnosis of hidden heart diseases in younger individuals from deprived rural families prevents not only personal tragedy but also shields communities from the socioeconomic repercussions of this debilitating illness.

Since its inception in 2021, the National Cardiac Centre has been a steadfast advocate for rural heart health, conducting free health camps. These camps provide non-invasive diagnostic facilities, including ECG and Echocardiograms, alongside free medicines for economically challenged patients.

The emphasis extends beyond immediate relief, as the centre guides and trains individuals on preventive measures, promoting healthy lifestyle practices.

In a laudable collaborative effort, the National Cardiac Centre extends technical support to other organizations undertaking similar initiatives. The provision of essential equipment such as ECG machines, echo machines, glucometers, blood pressure measuring devices, and weighing machines, along with the deployment of technical manpower, paramedics, and doctors, empowers these health camps to reach more people in need.

However, the noble pursuit of conducting free heart camps comes with substantial financial challenges. The extensive budget required for travel, logistics, manpower, equipment, medicines, lodging, and sustenance for team members underscores the financial burden associated with these endeavours.

Organizations like the National Cardiac Centre exemplify a commendable commitment to social responsibility, alleviating the burden on underprivileged populations in rural areas while simultaneously sending a positive message across the nation.

The tale of the man from Mahottari becomes a testament to the transformative impact of these initiatives, where compassion and expertise converge to safeguard the heart health of communities at the grassroots level.

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